Laura Natalie is a young and exciting luxury leather bag company known for their bright colours and exceptional quality. The brand was established in Singapore in 2016, initially to focus on creating luxury exotic leather bags for women who appreciate exceptional quality and want unique designs to show their individuality. In 2020, we extended our range of bags to include French and Italian calf leather luxury bag designs.

As a young and exciting brand, Laura Natalie is obsessed with giving our customers an exceptional luxury product. From sourcing world class French calf leather to the intricate Italian made metal accessories, our team ensures that each bag is perfectly finished and meets their high standards and promise to deliver exceptional quality to all customers.

Laura Natalie leather handbags and accessories are chic, timeless items for the woman who demands quality and individuality in everything she carries.

The Laura Natalie brand is created in the love of luxury exotic and fine calf leather. Each bag or item meets globally recognised ecological standards, and is sourced from some of the world’s finest tanneries that are certified by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Dedication to Detail

All our leather bags and accessories are made by Italian and Singapore artisans  with years of experience and tradition behind their craftsmanship. When you choose a Laura Natalie handbag, you are confident that each design is unique and can be customised to your requirements, with hand finished accents. Always.

With hours of hand stitching and attention to detail using top quality French calf and Italian leather, we use only manufacturers we know personally. These relationships enable us to work closely with our partners, forging a trust bond in the mutual understanding for uncompromising quality.

Our Values

The Laura Natalie brand  is built on the foundation of excellence, exceptional quality and creativity.

As a brand, we encourage all to be generous, be inclusive and willingly extend a helping hand to people who are underprivilege. As a company that values the trust our customers have in us, we would like to grow and make an impact on people’s lives.

As a growing company, we want to positively influence, motivate and encourage young people that they control their own future through determination, grit, resilience and stay true to their own personal values.

Caring for the world we live in

At Laura Natalie, we care for our environment. We don’t believe in wastage. We eliminate wastage. To reduce wastage and to  ensure our customers receive the best product, we make on demand. We encourage our customers to pre-order.

Our Purpose

At Laura Natalie, we strive to make our customers enjoy the great experience of our finely handcrafted luxury bags.  Our team of talented designers are passionate about creating exceptional products for the independent minded, successful and confident woman.  Laura Natalie is a luxury brand for the new generation. Cool, creative, exclusive and bold. We deliver exceptionally high quality products and only use leather and metal accessories from best in class suppliers from Italy and France.

As a company,  we want to be part of our customer’s  journey to achieve success, making a positive difference to the other people’s lives and encouraging them to take bold stops. We are a luxury brand for individuals who want to be different, value great quality and are brave to embrace change and challenges.

In the long term, we hope our products and values will make life ever more fun for our wonderful customers!